Welcome to HGT, my personal blog dedicated to inspiring the next generation of young people to take charge of their educational journey.

Asking difficult questions, getting to the heart of issues, finding the liberating truth, informing students, parents, and educators alike on educational topics, business trends, socio-economic policy, providing alternatives, motivating individuals and families to action, inspiring hope—all within the context of self-directed education—this is the heart of my blog.

Honest Gabe Talks was created for the purpose of enlightening, empowering, and inspiring the next generation of young men and women with the education they never received in school – or as I like to call it (and what it has proven itself to be) the 12 Year Sentence!

In addition to chronicling my personal journey, I provide readers and viewers with timely and informed analysis on pressing social, cultural, and political issues through weekly blogs, reflections, book reviews, and interviews.

I promote the following values: personal responsibility, limited government, zeal for self-directed, open source lifelong learning, respect and tolerance for differing opinions and ideologies, and open and honest dialogue.

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