A recent article in a local newspaper published a story about federal agents seizing 14 kilos of cocaine being transported from Puerto Rico to Connecticut. 

This is a prime example of how the media follows its mantra of “If it  doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead!” 

What good is it to talk about 14 kilos of cocaine being smuggled by a group of drug dealers if, in the same article, the press cannot tell you about the government-backed CIA importation of hundreds and thousands of kilos during the 1980’s that all but decimated the inner city urban community in America—essentially creating the very people it now reports as criminal and that society, consequently, shuns as irredemable??

Like, lets address why somebody or a group would be motivated to begin selling drugs in the first place knowing the street, legal, and family consequences that follow!

As another example, the millions of people struggling to make ends meet working fast food jobs to support their family–how and why did they get their to begin with? 

This is the elephant in the room that seems to go tragically unnoticed. 

Were they just all unmotivated and untalented and incapable of doing more–or might it be that given the country’s largest industries are entry level retail and fast-food that the system simply DEPENDS upon such people to keep the economy propped up–and that the failing school systems most of these people attend all but ensures their place there?

If you don’t fit into the school’s one-size-fits-all educational ethos you get socialized into the lowest tier of classes at best, labeled “special ed,” or diagnosed as having some psychological and/or behavorial problem at worst!

I’ve always wondered what the world would look like if the media used its power and influence to, yes, shed light on tragic stories but, more importantly, work toward helping individuals, families and societies impacted by these things–and following up with stories on the community came together, how lives were changed, how such people left the streets, etc.

Instead, it seems to make people fearful and cynical, further perpetuating the worst of stereotypes and dividing people all the more.

Jadakiss, where are you when we need you to simply ask again: WHY?

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